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Normally you’d have to worry about the repercussions of going too high, but with the Rome’s Centre Spine, Hard Landings are a thing of the past. With its Width, Floaty Feather Core, Delta Base, and Bottom Channeling, the Rome is a perfect board for intermediate to advanced riders looking for the ultimate relaxed, freeride feel.


  • O'Brien Pro Series Signature Products built exclusively for their Signature Team Athletes.
  • O'Brien 5-Stage Rocker Based off the 3-Stage, this Rockerline maintains a flatter profile between the bindings, but features a more blended transition towards the tip and tail. This creates an effortless glide across the water, and gives the board a predictable yet amplified pop off the wake
  • O'Brien Feather Core Built for Pure Boat Performance! Feather Core reduces the board's swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.
  • O'Brien Delta Base "Chevron" shaped channels molded into the tip and tail of the board reduce drag for faster edging, and a cleaner release off the wake.

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